Outside General Counsel Services

Cutwater Law provides outside general counsel services to companies in all lifecycle stages, from startup to mature. In all cases, we work to provide legal services on a flat-fee basis, and only when needed.

For small, startup, and emerging growth companies, Cutwater may serve as the sole legal professional advising management or a company's board of directors in connection with any and all matters that require legal advice. In a standard engagement, legal services are provided pursuant to a monthly retainer fee of $1,000 or more, depending on projected hourly demand.

For large, mature businesses, Cutwater may be engaged to supplement in-house or established law firm counsel for litigation, large M&A or financing transactions, regular filings made with the Securities & Exchange Commission, or other specialized work. In every case, legal services are provided in a cost-effective manner.

Contact Cutwater to discuss your specific legal requirements and desired fee structure.

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