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Bob Zeglarski, Founder
Cutwater Law PLLC

NASHVILLE, TN 6 Oct 2014 – Tennessee business attorney Bob Zeglarski has formed Cutwater Law PLLC, a full-service business law firm that provides seasoned legal representation to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives, at a reasonable cost.

Inspired by the cost and quality sensitivities of small businesses, Cutwater Law ( is focused on providing a viable alternative to more expensive downtown corporate law firms. Zeglarski, who has practiced law for more than 10 years, primarily in Manhattan, recently relocated to Nashville to open Cutwater Law.

“I decided that I needed to unbundle myself from the traditional law firm model in order to deliver high quality service at a more reasonable cost,” said Zeglarski, “I have very low overhead and no underperforming practice groups to support, which translates into lower fees and better service.”

In addition to servicing mature businesses, Cutwater Law is well positioned to help start-ups and entrepreneurs, including those in the entertainment industry.

“Nashville is a city of creative entrepreneurs who need to convert ideas into tangible businesses,” Zeglarski said, “They require experienced counsel from day one, otherwise future partners and investors will pass on them.”

To enquire about the services provided by Cutwater Law, please contact Bob Zeglarski at 615-933-3545 or To learn more about Cutwater Law, please visit:

About Cutwater Law Experience drives every Cutwater Law engagement. That’s important when it comes to learning a new client’s business and delivering legal services with efficiency. Cutwater Law provides legal input to business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives to help them achieve business results.

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