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Entity Formation Package: $1,200

Charter / Certificate of incorporation
Operating agreement / Bylaws
Board consents

Formation Matters:

Single member operating agreement $500
Multimember operating agreement $1,000
Advisory Board Agreement $1,000
Assignment of rights $700
Director indemnification $1,000
Foreign qualification $350
Founder Stock Purchase Agreement $1,000
Change entity name $1,000
Revival of corporation after suspension $1,200
Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement $1,000
83(b) Election Form $250

Stock Option Plan

Stock Option Plan $1,000
Board approval of Stock Option Plan $500

Option Grant Package (Per Grantee) $2,500
Option Agreement
Spousal Consent
Exercise Notice

Operational Matters:

Employment Agreement (basic) $1,000
Employment Agreement (complex) $2,500
Nondisclosure Agreement $600
Noncompetition Agreement $600
Offer Letter $400
Assignment of rights $700
Independent Contractor / Consulting Agreement (simple) $1,000
Independent Contractor / Consulting Agreement (complex) $2,500
Subcontractor Agreement $800 Policies and Procedures $800
Indemnification Agreement $800
Stockholder approval of indemnification agreement $300
Exit / Termination Questionnaire $500


Preliminary, knock-out search $350
Full US search report by outside vendor (raw) Vendor fee
Analyze report and discuss result with client $700
Draft and file a trademark application with USPTO (up to 3 classes) $500
Each additional class $100

Initial Venture Capital Round $10,000 to $20,000

Term sheet
Standard Series A Preferred Stock purchase agreement
Board consent
Stockholder consent
Amended and restated certificate of incorporation
Right of first refusal and co-sale agreement
Voting Agreement
Management rights letter (if applicable)
Director indemnification agreement

Go Public Transaction $30,000 to $150,000

Updated February 26, 2015

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