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Cutwater Cutwater

A "Cutwater" is the foremost part of a ship's bow designed to open the column of water that resists a ship's forward motion. It also provides stability when sailing "upwind." The name conveys our commitment to clients: Helping remove barriers in support of your vision, even when you are going against convention.

Cutwater's Mission Cutwater's mission
  • Fulfill client needs through innovative legal service delivery, customer service, and performance, all consistently delivered over the long term

  • Deliver informed perspectives and engage with clients to manage quality and costs

  • Help clients leverage the network of professionals developed by Cutwater

Focus & Leadership Bob Zeglarski
  • Focused on changing how high quality legal services are delivered at a low cost

  • Cutwater's Founder, Bob Zeglarski, has over10 years of experience advising business clients

  • Leveraging a network of professionals that address business needs of all sizes and complexities

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